A Heartwarming Hour for You, Who is Fragile As Paper!

‘Community Performance’ performed by Citizens of the World!


An installation performance that is co-created by the citizens through the workshop and performance!

An art therapy performance that is all the more beautiful for its transience!


The citizen-performers, who have been trained as street massagers, welcome another citizens in the street as guests and give a special paper massage after covering the body with paper. It leads to create ‘Paper Humans’ as a copy of the body. They, who get alive, make an emotional and dramatic scene with the original guests, and disappear by wind, water and fire. This is the performance that makes all the participants think the fragility of Human and its meaning.


We are all strangers, foreigners, immigrants and even refugees to each other. But we are the same human in the point of view that we are commonly fragile and vulnerable. We’ll have a special and precious opportunity to meet each other not as strangers but as body to body and human to human…