Paper Human

About the Work

A Heartwarming Hour for You, Who is As Fragile As Paper!

Paper Human is a healing performance. Through the audience’s physical form, he gives birth to and destroys the new “paper human,” to make the moment memorable and remind people of the value of this cycle in their own lives.
Paper Human demonstrates the fragility and vulnerability of human nature through the flimsy material of paper. The paper figures, which were created either in part or whole by modeling them after the audience members’ bodies, come to life during the performance, drawing their original forms to the stage and including them in the act. They reveal the frailty of human desire and despair, and the figures themselves meet their end through the natural elements of wind, water and fire. This new form of performance, which blurs the lines between the divisions in art, allows the audience to participate and thus become emotionally involved in the show.

Paper Human is a ritual of sorts, in which the audiences take center stage, to give life and take it away from models of themselves, thus experiencing the process meaningfully on a personal level. Participants in this art therapy performance face the core fundamentals of life, and confront and question these things internally.

Director and performer of this show Lee Cheolsung functions as the masseur that leads the show, as the assistant that moves the figurines, and even as the guide that connects the dolls to their originals.

Major Performances