Rock, Rolling

About the Work


A man collapses on a flowery path.
The story of all of us, falling from the peak of life, at the most beautiful moment

A homeless man living on the streets is under an illusion, through which his longing for his family, nostalgia for his childhood, desperate thirst for people, and hidden romance and aspirations are revealed. However, we witness the man’s sentiments and freedom crushed by the inhumane violence of the society and the public power.

Climbing up the endless slope to present his dreams and fantasies, the man tumbles down every time, yet he gets up every time to climb the slope again. Today, here, at the center of a city, the Myth of Sisyphus is overlapped with ourselves living the present time.

With the bodies rolling around in the streets with objects like rocks, flowers, the police’s iron walls, and tear bombs, a round of dancing of fantasy and disillusion will be presented before your eyes.


Major Performances