The Diaper Man

“A Farce on the Diaper-Objet”

“A Sensible Nonsensical Comedy of a newly turned father!”



An unlaughable story between a guy who has just awoken to fatherhood, and a diaper that symbolizes his baby presented as comedy. A farce unrolls through their desperate fight and touching reconciliation in a hilarious yet serious manner.

A guy, our hero, is at times a mountaineer challenging snowy peaks, and then a true hero throwing his body over a bomb in valiant sacrifice to save others. However wherever he goes or whatever he does, a bundle of diapers always seems to be tagging him from a short distance. This constantly stalking presence unnerves even the bravest of heroes, and he tries ordering the diaper to disappear. But the faster he runs, the closer the diaper follows, attaching itself to his body. His belly shudders in frantic spasms as the diaper worms its way in, and he suffers from the bone-grinding, flesh-mincing pain of childbirth. Consumed and totally exhausted, our hero gives up resistance and finally gives birth to a baby, his only child - inseparable by proof of the sole umbilical connection. Our hero embraces the babe, hugging it to his heart, from the subsiding pain and from his growing love.