The Wall


A Painting Performance of the Fantasy and Disillusionment of a Drunken Man!


This performance is about the vision a drunk sees in a short moment
when he vomits and urinates on a wall. His vomit splashed on the wall
becomes reborn as a splendid mural, and the drunk person falls into the
vision. The vision, however, is erased as urine washes away the vomit.

This is a painting performance that sheds light on the fantasy and disillusionment of a drunken middle aged man and his struggle with an urban wall. It looks at the aftermath of a life of intoxication, dreams and the lack thereof, and suggests a sincere look at the state of man today.

The writer, who is also the director and lone performer of this performance,
draws us into a world of primitive instincts using a giant wall,
body, painting, water, light and Third World musical instruments.