'CCOT'(is a 'flower' in Korean) is the troupe of performers, painters and musicians.
'CCOT' has worked on alternative spaces and outdoor, exploring the depths of life through integrating the mediums of poetry, painting, installation art, and video art.


What is Visual Theater?


· Visual theater is one of the terms in which a creative act - performed for an audience or with its participation - may be described as an act the language of which is first and foremost that of visual images. This language is not limited to the creation of a visual image.

· In its wider sense, it is a material, physical language that addresses all the senses and evokes mental images, a language in which every component - space, object, movement, voice or sound - may be equivalent to the actor and the human character. In contrast one may regard traditional theater based on the written drama, that is indeed presented visually but centralizes verbal discourse and its meanings.

· In this wide space of action, visual theater defines itself as a form of expression that inherently rejects definitions, an area that subverts the delineating of areas.
Perhaps this is why it is associated with such numerous definitions and modes of performance:
performance art, installation, multimedia, puppetry, theater of objects, dance theater, theater of images, total theater, experimental theater and alternative theater.

· Visual theater sheds medium definitions or distinct genre headings in favor of interdiscipline, the combining and fusion of arts, skills and materials.
In these and other dynamic and varied means visual theater defines itself as a goal to be pursued.

· Personal or collective exploration is to be aspired, seeking new and effective ways of expression and communication, and their spatial, physical, material, formal, musical, verbal or technological realization.
Visual theater is the goal to be pursued, and to no lesser extent, the actual daring to explore.